Revision History
Revision 0.22006-03-23jmo

what's new

  • wizard

    • scrollbar added to element select control

  • documentation

    • shifted to docbook

    • revised and completed

    • translated to german

    • distribution in pdf and html format

  • release notes

    • aggregated to one release notes file

    • derived from generic documentation

    • distribution in txt, html and xml format

  • cvs

    • directory structure redesigned

    • .ignore files revised

    • docs included

known issues

This is an early release. If you expect everything to work perfectly, you will surely be let down. This list covers some of the known issues. If you figure out other issues (feature request and/or Bugs) please report it to the project site

  • distribute source package

  • complete documentation

  • provide documentation as eclipse help extension

Revision 0.12006-03-02 
first version released